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Smartsheet is a cloud-based totally undertaking management and collaboration platform that combines the capability of a spreadsheet with challenge control tools. It permits customers to create and manage challenge plans, track progress, collaborate with group contributors, and proportion documents and files .Smartsheet is a famous choice for groups of all sizes as it is simple to use and scalable. It can be used to control a wide type of initiatives, from small responsibilities to large, complex tasks.


Smartsheet pricing

Smartsheet gives loads of pricing plans to fit the wishes of groups of all sizes. Here is a breakdown of the cutting-edge pricing plans as of November 17, 2023:

Here is the table that shows the difference among FREE,PRO,BUSINESS,ENTERPRISE pricing plans.

Price (USD)0725Contact Sales
EditorsUp to 10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dashboards, Reports, FormsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Attachment Storage (GB)2010241024Unlimited
Automations per Month250UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
IntegrationsMicrosoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, DropboxMicrosoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, Dropbox, Resource Management by Smartsheet, Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, PowerBIMicrosoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, Dropbox, Resource Management by Smartsheet, Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, PowerBI, DocuSignMicrosoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, Dropbox, Resource Management by Smartsheet, Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, PowerBI, DocuSign
User ManagementYesYesYesYes
Email SupportYesYesYesYes
Forms with Conditional LogicYesYesYes
Publish Sheets, Reports, DashboardsYesYesYes
Activity LogYesYesYes
Document BuilderYesYesYes
Smartsheet University TrainingYesYesYes
Standard SupportAll PlansAll PlansAll PlansAll Plans
Professional SupportPro, Business, EnterprisePro, Business, EnterprisePro, Business, Enterprise
Access to Smartsheet AdvanceBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Single Sign-On/SAMLBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Directory IntegrationBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Enterprise Plan ManagerBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
WorkAppsBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Work InsightsBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Chargeback ReportsBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Domain ValidationBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Custom Email DomainsBusiness, EnterpriseBusiness, Enterprise
Advanced Security and Compliance FeaturesEnterprise
Dedicated Customer SupportEnterprise
Customizations and IntegrationsEnterprise

Smartsheet benifits,

Here is smart sheet benifits

  • Task management: Smartsheet helps you to create and assign duties, set due dates, and tune development. You also can use Smartsheet to automate obligations and workflows.
  • Collaboration: Smartsheet makes it smooth to collaborate with your team participants. You can share sheets with others, leave feedback, and tune adjustments. You also can use Smartsheet to create dashboards and reports that everyone can get admission to.
  • Data management: Smartsheet can be used to keep and control numerous statistics, which includes assignment facts, consumer data, and economic statistics. You also can use Smartsheet to create reports and charts to investigate your facts.
  • Reporting: Smartsheet provides lots of reporting gear that you could use to tune your development and make informed selections. You can create custom reports, export records to other programs, and percentage reports with others.
  • Improved efficiency: Smartsheet let you enhance your crew’s efficiency via automating responsibilities, streamlining workflows, and providing real-time visibility into venture progress.
  • Increased collaboration: Smartsheet makes it easy for group participants to collaborate on projects, irrespective of their location. This can assist to enhance conversation and decrease errors.
  • Better choice-making: Smartsheet affords you with the facts you need to make informed decisions approximately your tasks. You can track task development, identify ability issues, and make modifications as wanted.
  • Reduced fees: Smartsheet assist you to to lessen fees by way of automating responsibilities, streamlining workflows, and improving collaboration. This can loose up your group to awareness on greater strategic work.
  • Scalability: Smartsheet may be used to manage initiatives of all sizes, from small responsibilities to massive-scale projects.
  • Security: Smartsheet gives quite a few safety capabilities to protect your facts, which includes encryption, get admission to controls, and facts loss prevention.
  • Mobile: Smartsheet has a cellular app that you may use to get admission to your projects from anywhere.
  • Integrations: Smartsheet integrates with a lot of other packages, inclusive of Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

Smartsheet cost

Smartsheet gives lots of pricing plans to fit exceptional wishes and budgets. Here is a breakdown of the cutting-edge pricing:

Free Plan

The Free Plan is right for individuals or small teams who want a primary undertaking management device. It consists of limitless sheets, visitors, and dashboards, as well as 20 GB of attachment storage. You also can create forms, automations, and integrations with Microsoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, and Dropbox.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan starts at $7 in line with person, according to month while billed yearly. This plan consists of the entirety inside the Free Plan, plus limitless editors, user management, and electronic mail assist.

Business Plan

The Business Plan starts at $25 per person, in step with month when billed annually. This plan consists of the entirety in the Pro Plan, plus limitless free editors, consumer, organization, and license management, baselines, paperwork with conditional good judgment, publishing sheets, reviews, and dashboards, 1 TB of attachment storage, limitless automations, get right of entry to to combine with Resource Management through Smartsheet, Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and PowerBI, pastime log, file builder, proofing, and get admission to to Smartsheet University teacher-led and on-demand education.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is priced on a case-by using-case basis and includes the entirety within the Business Plan, plus company-grade protection and controls, which include single sign-on/SAML, directory integration, company plan supervisor, WorkApps (curated experiences based on user roles), Work Insights (right away analyze your facts), limitless attachment storage, chargeback reports, DocuSign integration, domain validation, custom email domain names, standard guide, and get admission to to professional assist.

In addition to these standard plans, Smartsheet also offers two enterprise-level solutions, Smartsheet Advance and Smartsheet Advance+. These solutions are designed for large organizations with complex project management needs. Pricing for these solutions is not publicly available, but you can contact Smartsheet sales for a quote.

Here is a table summarizing the pricing for each plan:

PlanPrice per user, per month (billed annually)Price per user, per month (billed monthly)Minimum users
EnterpriseContact salesContact salesVaries
Smartsheet AdvanceContact salesContact salesVaries
Smartsheet Advance+Contact salesContact salesVaries

Smartsheet Apps

  • WorkApps: WorkApps are a modern-day sort of Smartsheet app that permits you to build easy-to-navigate apps in a few minutes the use of Smartsheet and outdoor content material fabric .WorkApps are designed that will help you accelerate collaboration during sheets, dashboards, reviews, 0.33 party content material cloth, and additional with role-based totally perspectives, curated for the particular desires of each stakeholder.
  • AppSheet: AppSheet is a no-code app improvement platform that allows you to create cellular apps out of your Smartsheet information. AppSheet apps may be used to accumulate facts, control workflows, and collaborate alongside aspect your crew.
  • Resource Management Panel: The Resource Management Panel is a premium upload-on that helps you manage your group’s resources more successfully. The panel gives a centralized view of all of your crew’s sources, consisting of their availability, capabilities, and projects.
  • Pivot App: The Pivot App is a loose add-on that allows you to create pivot tables from your Smartsheet information. Pivot tables can be used to summarize and examine your information in a number of methods
  • . Microsoft Teams Integration: The Microsoft Teams integration permits you to attach your Smartsheet sheets to your Microsoft Teams channels. This integration allows you to share your sheets with your crew, speak them in actual time, and obtain notifications whilst adjustments are made.
  • Google Integrations: Smartsheet offers lots of integrations with Google apps, together with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar. These integrations let you join your Smartsheet sheets to your Google apps and share them along with your crew.
  • Dynamic View: The Dynamic View is a unfastened upload-on that permits you to create dynamic views of your Smartsheet information. Dynamic views may be used to filter out and sort your information, and to create charts and graphs.
  • DataMesh: DataMesh is a top rate upload-on that enables you manage and organize your Smartsheet records. DataMesh permits you to create statistics fashions, and to attach your Smartsheet facts to different records resources.
  • Data Shuttle: Data Shuttle is a premium upload-on that permits you to move records between Smartsheet and different applications. Data Shuttle may be used emigrate statistics, to synchronize statistics, and to create facts backups.
  • DataTable: DataTable is a loose upload-on that permits you to create tables out of your Smartsheet facts. DataTable tables may be used to show and layout your statistics in a variety of approaches.
  • Calendar App: The Calendar App is a premium add-on that helps you construct flexible, customizable, and shareable calendars the usage of your Smartsheet statistics. The Calendar App may be used to time table occasions, song time limits, and control your team’s initiatives.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Extension: The Adobe Creative Cloud Extension lets in you to connect your Smartsheet sheets to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The extension allows you to import facts from your Smartsheet sheets into your Adobe Creative Cloud apps, and to create charts and graphs out of your facts.
  • ClickUp: ClickUp is a famous undertaking control tool this is recognised for its flexibility and customization alternatives. It gives a number of perspectives, along with a spreadsheet view that is just like Smartsheet. ClickUp also has some of other capabilities, along with task management, kanban forums, and time tracking.
  • Asana: Asana is any other popular task control device this is known for its ease of use. It gives a easy interface and a number of functions that make it easy to control tasks, together with responsibilities, subtasks, and dependencies. Asana additionally has a number of collaboration features, which include remarks, record sharing, and @mentions.
  • Trello: Trello is a famous challenge control tool that is acknowledged for its use of kanban forums. Kanban boards are a visual manner to tune the development of duties and tasks. Trello is a great option for teams which might be seeking out a simple and easy-to-use challenge control tool.
  • Wrike: Wrike is a effective assignment control tool this is known for its customization alternatives. It gives a variety of capabilities, including challenge control, time monitoring, and reporting. Wrike is a great alternative for teams which can be seeking out a robust project management device.

The pleasant Smartsheet opportunity for you may rely upon your specific wishes and budget. If you’re looking for a flexible and customizable device, ClickUp or Wrike may be a good alternative. If you are seeking out a easy and easy-to-use device, Asana or Trello can be a better desire. And in case you are seeking out a versatile tool that may handle numerous tasks, Airtable can be the exceptional choice.

FAQs(What is SmartSheet?: Unveiling the Benefits of Viable Project Management Alternatives)

What is SmartSheet?

SmartSheet is a cloud-based platform that offers collaborative work management solutions, serving as a versatile tool for project planning, tracking, automation, and reporting.

How does SmartSheet differ from traditional project management tools?

Unlike traditional tools, SmartSheet combines spreadsheet-like interfaces with project management capabilities, fostering collaboration and providing a more dynamic approach to project planning and execution.

What are the key features of SmartSheet?

SmartSheet features include Gantt charts, task automation, collaboration tools, resource management, and customizable reporting, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse project management needs.

How can SmartSheet enhance project collaboration?

SmartSheet enables real-time collaboration with features like comments, attachments, and automated alerts, fostering effective communication among team members and stakeholders.

How does SmartSheet support project planning?

SmartSheet simplifies project planning through intuitive Gantt charts, allowing users to create timelines, set dependencies, and manage tasks efficiently for better project organization.

What benefits does SmartSheet offer for resource management?

SmartSheet aids resource management by providing visibility into team workload, allowing for efficient allocation of resources, and helping teams avoid overloading or underutilizing their members.

Can SmartSheet integrate with other tools and applications?

Yes, SmartSheet offers seamless integration with popular third-party tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and various project management and CRM platforms.

How does SmartSheet contribute to project automation?

SmartSheet automates repetitive tasks, streamlining workflows and reducing manual efforts. This includes automated alerts, notifications, and updates based on project progress.

Is SmartSheet suitable for small and large-scale projects alike?

Yes, SmartSheet caters to the needs of both small and large-scale projects, providing scalability and flexibility to adapt to varying project sizes and complexities.

What are the advantages of choosing SmartSheet as a project management alternative?

SmartSheet offers advantages such as increased collaboration, enhanced project visibility, improved resource management, and the flexibility to adapt to different project management methodologies, making it a viable alternative for diverse project needs.


Smartsheet is a effective and flexible paintings control platform that may be used to manage a huge variety of projects and duties.

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that offers plenty of features that will help you manipulate your work, including:Task management: Create and assign duties, set time limits, and music development.Project control: Create and manipulate tasks, track milestones, and collaborate with crew participants.Workflow automation: Automate repetitive tasks to store time and improve performance.Reporting and dashboards: Create reports and dashboards to visualise your data and tune your progress.

Smartsheet is a top notch choice for businesses of all sizes, from small teams to big corporations. It is easy to apply and can be customized to suit your unique desires.Overall, Smartsheet is a powerful and versatile paintings control platform that will let you enhance your productivity and performance.


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